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Notoriously the hottest summer month, and also one of the driest months, February can be challenging in the garden. Besides the weather, it is also a time of plants maturing, with many annual and biennial herbs going to flower and seed. This bolting may make the garden look scraggly and unkempt, but to the avid seed saver, the ripening seeds are as precious as the main fruit crops (of which there are still many to harvest!) from the garden. Continue to harvest as you did in January – February is easily the most productive harvesting time, with so many crops ripening seemingly all at once. There are still buckets of beansRead More →

Monarch on sunflower

Ah! The midsummer garden… If all went well with your planning and planting, you will be reaping the rewards continually now. Harvest daily all your ripening crops of tomatoes, chillies, bell peppers, cucumbers, beans, peas, zucchini, globe artichokes, and eggplant. Timely picking of fruit and vegetables can encourage more flowering and more fruit. Harvest flowers of feverfew and chamomile for herbal teas and tinctures, also calendula petals and yarrow tops. Oregano is also best harvested and dried as it starts flowering. If you haven’t yet, and they show signs of being ready, harvest garlic and onions. Make pesto from harvested basil.   .   Summer fruitingRead More →