Edible flowers – harvestEnchantingly beautiful and pleasantly flavoursome!

Edible flowers are one of my most requested topics  and the plants are some of our best sellers.

Eating flowers has a long  history with ancient texts and pictograms hinting at their use as a foodstuff from ages gone past, and through various cultures.

Adding colour and flavour to food with flowers is having a revival of interest with celebrity chefs and healthy living activists including flowers in their offerings.

I love growing them for their beauty in the garden, and many of them are brilliant companion plants for your vegetables too, and then having a third use for them by harvesting and enjoying them as a food definitely makes them worth growing!

As with all herbs, caution should be taken as many flowers are definitely not edible, and a few are really poisenous. Individuals may also have specific allergic reactions to certain flowers, so be sure to follow our guidelines for the safe and happy use of flowers in your food.


Follow the links below to find out more about specific edible flowers – find growing and use information, recipes and ideas.

Do’s and Don’ts regarding eating flowers

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