Basil – Fino Verde (Ocimum basilicum ‘Fino Verde’)


Fino verde is an ANNUAL that grows as a small, dense bush. It is suitable for growing in pots. Some sources claim that Fino Verde is the same as Spicy Globe Basil or Greek Bush Basil. It has a stronger and spicier flavour than common basil, but is used similarly as a culinary herb.

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Leaves and flowers can be eaten raw or cooked, and are often paired with tomato dishes, or anything with peppers or eggplant. A refreshing tea can be made from the leaves while the seeds can be added to bread, or soaked in water to become a refreshing mucilagenous beverage.
With a milder action than sweet basil it is mainly used internally for digestive issues and as a tonic while externally they are used to treat acne, insect stings, bites and skin infections. As an insect repelling plant it is a good plant to grow in the home. Basils are commonly planted as companions to tomatoes.

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