Mustard – Brown/Yellow (Brassica juncea)


An ANNUAL growing to 80cm. Prefers moist well-drained soil in semi-shade or full sun. Can grow in very acid and very alkaline soils.
Leaves and seeds are edible and it has some medicinal uses.

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Leaves are peppery in flavour ranging from mild to hot. Very popular as a cooked vegetable in the Orient. The leaves can also be eaten raw in salads or on sandwhiches. Seed is used as mustard flavouring, prepared mustard from brown mustard is less pungent than other mustards. Seed is also used whole in curries and pickles.

The seed is a warming stimulant herb with antibiotic effects and is believed to be aperient and tonic. It has many domestic medicinal applications specific to various countries.

Grown as a Green manure.

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