Tomato – Purple Cherokee (Lycopersicon esculentum)


Purple Cherokee is an heirloom tomato variety that consistently ranks very high in taste tests. The tomato is a beautiful dusky pink with a deep, rich-red interior.

Fruit Size: Large
Fruit Color: Deep purple
Fruit Shape: Beefsteak
Plant habit: Indeterminate
Producing: Late Season

Tomato is a frost tender ANNUAL growing to 2m. It prefers moist well-drained soil in full sun. The fruit are edible and has cosmetic and medicinal uses too.

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The fruits of tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables grown and eaten worldwide today. Fruit can be eaten raw or cooked in a large variety of dishes.
The fruit is very nutritious, being high in a number of essential vitamins and minerals. The processed food is high in lycopene which is good for heart and prostate health.
Sliced fruit are a good first aid treatment for burns, scalds and sunburn.
Leaves can be infused as an effective insecticide (note that this is also poisenous to beneficial insects and humans)
Tomato fruit pulp is used cosmetically for face packs.

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