About Us

MeadowSweet Herbs and Flowers is the business home of Minette Tonoli.

I am an earth mother and herb fanatic striving to become more and more self-sufficient in my urban back yard. And I love sharing my experiences, and the knowledge I gained over more than 12 years growing and using plants for food and medicine.

I aim to, through my online and real-life presence to provide a place of excitement and inspiration in learning more about soulful gardening for your good food and good health.

Knowledge Base

I absolutely love to chat about food and medicine plants, from how to grow them to how to use them.

You can expect an array of "hippie homesteading" information from me - ranging from horticulture know-how to household uses for herbs; composting to caring for quail, companion planting to tips for growing juicy heirloom tomatoes; how to prune  your grapevine to making a stress-reducing herbal tea... and so much more!

I include recipes and ideas on cooking up a healthy meal with your own produce, or step-by-step guides on making home herbal remedies.

So contact me with your questions, comments and queries, or check in with me at one of the workshops I run at MeadowSweet, or the talks that I give on various gardening and herb use topics.

I also write a monthly newsletter, and have written commissioned articles for various magazines and periodicals. I post frequently to a volley of Social Media channels - so follow me to keep up to date with events, offerings, recipes and gardening ideas.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeadowSweetHerbsNZ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/meadowsweetnz
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minettetonoli/
Pinterest: https://nz.pinterest.com/meadowsweetherbsflowers/

I'm also known as @HerbGirlNZ, and have previously had businesses in South Africa called The Little Herb Cottage, HerbsOnline, and used to blog under Herbalicious - Minette's Herbs & Herbals.

Plants & Gardens

While I have previously run a back-yard home nursery specializing in a large selection of homegrown and spray free herbs and heirloom vegetables, I am currently restructuring this part of my offering and no plants are for sale at present. I do have access to seed lots, and am happy to grow bulk plants on request - please make an inquiry. More news on my restructure to follow soon!

I am passionate about useful plants, especially herbs, and grow as great a variety as I can in my own garden. You'll find plants for culinary, medicinal, household, beauty or even spiritual and craft use, along with a variety of fruits and berries, heirloom vegetables, edible flowers and companion plants. Please contact me for visits and informative tours through the garden.