Beetroot – Detroit Dark Red (Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris ‘Detroit Dark Red’)


Beetroots are BIENNIAL plants grown as ANNUALS. They are grown for their swollen roots (beetroot) and leaves (beet greens).
Besides being a food plant, beets have a long history as a medicine.
Detroit Dark Red is an heirloom that is a very popular all-purpose beet, enjoyed for its sweet and tasty blood red flesh.

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The deep purple beetroots are eaten boiled, roasted, or raw, or also commonly processed into pickles.
The leafy greens of beets are also edible and can be eaten raw in salads (young leaves) or boiled/steamed and eaten like spinach.
Beets are a good source of commercial red food colouring and it is known as a medicinal plant of the Middle Ages to aid in digestion and help the blood.

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