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Growing and Using Herbs

Herb of the Month: January 2020

For 2020 we are kicking off Herb of the Month with the International Herb Association's Herb of the Year - ...
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January in the Garden

The midsummer garden… If all went well with your planning and planting in spring, this is the month in which ...
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Recipes and Farm Stuff

Pull-apart Herb Bread with Parmesan

This easy to bake pull-apart herb bread is as delicious as it looks. It will definitely impress whenever you decide ...
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Welcome to MeadowSweet Herbs & Flowers, where untamedly passionate about herbs, I share my love of growing and using food and medicine plants in my sustainable, regenerative and bio-diverse garden. Join the adventure as my interests in herbology, horticulture, and homesteading come together to make a more self-sufficient life for myself and my family on our rural acre. I hope to inspire you toward soulful gardening, and the using of your plant bounty to create both culinary delights and medicinal wonders.


BioAssay – midway point

Tonoli BioAssay, 6 November 2019 If you've been following my blog posts, Facebook feed and Instagram, you'll know that I ...
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Portraits of plants damaged from herbicides in compost/soil/manure mix

These are actual images of plants I have grown this season (Spring/Summer 2019) in compost and "veggie mix" bought from ...
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Bath Fizzies a.k.a. bath bombs

A quick how-to guide to making your own bath fizzies Bath fizzies, or bath bombs, are little semi-hardened blocks of ...
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Hello & Welcome Warning – this is in entirety a moan post. But I did promise to share the good ...
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