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Chamomile – Roman


An EVERGREEN PERENNIAL growing to 20cm. Similar looking, but lower growing than German chamomile, Roman chamomile has bipinnate, finely dissected fragrant leaves and solitary terminal flowerheads. Prefers growing in well-drained soil and can grow in nutritionally poor soil. It can grow in either full sun or semi-shade and is somewhat drought tolerant when established.
Used similarly to German or annual chamomile, the young sprigs and flowers are edible


Eat sprigs fresh, make flowers into teas either fresh or dried. Whole flowers are used in beer making.
Useful for digestive system problems, as a sedative and a nervine. A lotion for external application is made from the whole herb and used in the treatment of toothache, earache, neuralgia, wounds and burns.
It is also used to activate compost, as a dye plant, fungicide, hair rinse, insect repellent and brewed as a liquid plant food.

See German Chamomile for other uses.

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Latin Name

(Chamaemelum nobile syn. Athemis nobilis)