I’m excited to announce that things are changing up a bit here at MeadowSweet Herbs and Flowers.

What’s changing?
While I’m continuing to build MeadowSweet and myself as the foremost authority on growing and using herbs in New Zealand, I will no longer be propagating and growing herb plants for sale at markets or through the online store as I have been (some exceptions to this as you’ll see below)…

This change has come with a *great deal* of deliberation, but I’m confident it is the right path forward.

Why is it changing?
After giving nursery growing a good few years, I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that the amount of work (physical and mental labour) for the monetary return of investment is just not worth it for a one-(wo)man, back-yard small specialist plant business running out of a suburban rental…

It has been a great journey, and I got tremendous satisfaction from growing the plants,  and supplying them to people who appreciated them. I wish I could say it’s not all about the money –  but it is –  until such time as I don’t have to count the cents for bread and butter at the end of the month, and can finally “play” around in my *own* garden on my own property, I have to take into consideration that every dollar, and my worth, absolutely matters.

A few thoughts…
Still, I cannot help myself growing too much for my own use, and the gardens give back tenfold in new growth and seeds, so there will probably always be a few select plants available – these will be on a first come first serve basis, and I’ll publish an availability list every fortnight (or so).

I am also quite happy to take on bulk grow requests if there is something specific needed.

But, what about the pending orders?
All orders that have been placed with MeadowSweet before 15 May 2018 will be honoured and completed. Mid May will be my last “General Plant Sale” markets at Orewa Farmer’s Market. Markets with a select offering (see below) to resume in Spring.

So, what is MeadowSweet going to do then?
I am continuing to develop the gardens as much as I can under the constraints of being in a little urban rental where I don’t have permission to do everything I would have loved to on the grounds. It is still exciting and everyone that has come through the garden as part of an informative walk loved it. Tours through the garden as a part of my workshops, or organised through interest groups are most welcome.

I am going to be focusing my nursery on growing a large selection of home-grown, spray-free heirloom tomato plants, and variety of chillies. These have always been well received and I’ve had super feedback on the tomatoes and chilli plants I supplied in the past. I am envisioning that they’ll be available from September and I hope to be at markets on both Saturdays and Sundays from September to December with these.

I am going to continue growing masses of edible flowers! Besides my all-consuming fanaticism about all herbs and anything herbal, and my crazy obsessive love for heirloom tomatoes and chillies, I get really excited about edible flowers! The plan is to grow a supply for a select few restaurants and cafes in my area. And on order.

I am also going to be growing lawn chamomile ‘Trenegue’ and lawn (carpet) thymes in bulk for landscape use. These plants have been great sellers and top performers through the years, and I am happy to be able to supply them.

I am still growing and sourcing different scented pelargoniums in an attempt to establish a renowned scented pelargonium collection. Plants may become available from time to time as prunings become cuttings.

I am having a tremendous amount of fun creating herbal based organic lotions and skincare products (healing from the outside), and these will continue to be available.

Most of all, I am going to be focusing on providing a place of reputable and trusted knowledge on growing and using herbs in all areas of life. Herbs have so much to offer in the garden, as a foodstuff and flavouring, as medicine and nurturing, as cleaner and cosmetic, as craft and ritual… I want to share the miracles of these potent plants with everyone who is interested and willing to listen and learn.

My mission is to make herbs truly available as a common-use item to people in everyday life.

This I am going to accomplish by continuing to write articles and books, publish newsletters, share to social media, and through my popular talks and workshops.

If you want to know more, or to find information on how to support me through this journey, you are welcome to contact me on minette@meadowsweet.co.nz