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Chamomile – German


This chamomile is an ANNUAL that prefers a full sun position in well-drained soil. With long and narrow leaves that are finely bipinnate or tripinnate and smooth, erect stems growing to 60cm. The flowers are borne on capitulate flower heads and are composed of yellow disc florets and white ray florets with a strong aormatic smell.
Can grow in nutritionaly poor or saline soils.
The flowers are used as a condiment or tea and it is a well known herbal remedy.


Young sprigs can be used as a seasoning while the dried flowers are used to make herb tea.
Mostly noted for its calming actions, it is also antispasmodic, carminative, nervine, stomachic and a tonic.
Excellent for treating digestive upsets or nervousnes and irritability. Externally it can help with skin ailments and is soothing to burns and wounds. Generally considered gentle enough and safe to use with even very young children. Added to cosmetics they act as an anti-allergenic agent
It is also used as a dye, for hair care, as a liquid plant food, an insect repellent and a strewing herb.

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(Matricaria recutita)