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Comfrey – Bocking14


This is a cultivar that sets sterile seed and is not as invasive as the common comfrey. Comfrey is a hardy PERENNIAL growing to 1.2m. It has large, hairy and broad leaves bearing small bell-shaped flowers and a long black, turnip-like root. Comfrey grows well in almost any moist soil, but can tolerate heavy clay soil. It prefers full sun, but can grow well in partial shade.
Leaves and roots are used mainly as a medicine although young leaves have historically been eaten.

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There is some controversy surrounding the internal use of comfrey. Young leaves can be cooked or eaten raw, while shoots can be eaten as an asparagus substitute and roots added chopped up to soups. A tea is made from the dried leaves and roots.
Commonly used as a herbal medicine with a rich history of treating various complaints, especially in the external treatment of cuts, bruises, sprains, broken bones, eczema etc. Rich in a substance called ‘allantoin’ which is a cell proliferant that speeds up the healing process.
It is a fantastic plant to grow as biomass, for enriching and activating compost, or as a liquid feed for plants. Flowers attract pollinators.

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(Symphytum spp)