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Dahlia Mix : seeds


A tender PERENNIAL, dahlia are leafy flowering plants, ranging in height from 30cm to well over 1.5m, and come in come in spectacular shapes and colours. An attractive plant to grow in the mixed perennial border. This is a mix of all the border dahlia and named tuber dahlias from my garden. Lucky dip!

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Wikipedia: – Today the dahlia is still considered one of the native ingredients in Oaxacan cuisine; several cultivars are still grown especially for their large, sweet potato-like tubers. Dacopa, an intense mocha-tasting extract from the roasted tubers, is used to flavor beverages throughout Central America.

In Europe and America, prior to the discovery of insulin in 1923, diabetics—as well as consumptives—were often given a substance called Atlantic starch or diabetic sugar, derived from inulin, a naturally occurring form of fruit sugar, extracted from dahlia tubers.[102] Inulin is still used in clinical tests for kidney functionality.

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