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Fennel – Florence


An EVERGREEN PERENNIAL growing to 1.5m with beautiful fine feathery green and light-green leaves, and umbels of yellow flowers. Florence Fennel is known and sought after for its swollen stem base. Prefers well-drained soil and a full sun position. I can tolerate some drought and strong winds.
All parts of the plant is edible – leaves, stems, root and seed. It is widely used as a domestic herbal medicine for various complaints.

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Swollen stem bases are considered gourmet and eaten raw or cooked and has a lovely strong aniseed flavour. Leaves can be eaten raw or cooked and has a delicious liquorice/aniseed flavour.
Leaf stalks and flower heads can also be eaten raw or cooked and has a similar flavour to the leaves. The seeds are very aromatic and are used in cakes, curries, stuffings etc. Sprouted seeds can be added to salads. Fennel root is cooked somewhat like parsnips. A flavoursome tea is made from the seeds.
With an impresive list of medicinal actions including antiinflammatory, antispasmodic, diuretic, expectorant and stimulant, Fennel is useful in a variety of complaints. Particularly good for settling the digestive system – especially the seeds. Gargle for sore throats or wash sore eyes with a mild infusion. Safe and effective cure for wind in babies. It is also effective for coughing and bronchitis.
The plant has been used as a home remedy against fleas (crushed leaves). Yellow and brown dyes are obtained from the flowers and leaves combined. Fennel is said to be alelopathic and may inhibit the growth of other plants around it.

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(Foeniculum vulgare 'Dulce')