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Gotu Kola


An EVERGREEN HERBACEOUS PERENNIAL growing to 20cm and spreading. Frost tender , it can grow in semi-shaded areas or in full sun, and prefers moist or wet soils.
Stems are slender, creeping stolons from a cream-coloured rhizomatous rootstock. Leaves are kidney-shaped and palmately veined.
It is used as a culinary vegetable and as medicinal herb.

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The leaves can be eaten raw or cooked and are added to salads, curries, or cooked as a vegetable.
It is a remarkably important medicinal herb that is widely used in Asia and is becoming more popular in Western society as an adaptogen.
It is a tonic herb used to revitalize and strengthens nervous function and memory and as a cleansing herb, helping with skin and digestive disorders
It improves healing internally and externally. Extracts increase collagen and firm the skin when used cosmetically.

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(Centella asiatica syn. Hydrocotyle asiatica)