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Heritage Summer Garden Kit


Start your summer garden now with a premium selection of homegrown seeds from an organically cared for garden.

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I’m happy to bring to you a limited edition of some of my favourite summer vegetable seeds.

The seeds are all from homegrown plants in my organically cared for and regenerative garden full of biodiversity. They are hand harvested and cleaned and packed with care. I love growing food and medicine plants, and I love being able to make growing them available to you too!

What this pack include is:

3 varieties of heirloom beans (you’ll get a fresh eating bean, a multipurpose bean, and a dry bean), 12 seeds per variety

3 varieties of tomatoes (you’ll get a cherry tomato, a globe or paste tomato and a beefsteak tomato), 5 seeds per variety

3 varieties of leafy greens (you’ll get a loose leaf lettuce mix, and two others from a selection of Dandelion Chicory, Shungiku (aka Chop Suey Greens), Minutina, Oriole Silverbeet, salad burnet, Miner’s Lettuce, etc)

3 varieties of companion plant/flowers (you’ll get either Marigolds, Cosmos, Borage, Phacelia, Poppies, Scabiosa, Zinnia, Bedding Dahlia, Sunflowers, etc.)

3 varieties of chillies/peppers (you’ll get a sweet capsicum and two different kinds of chillies), 5 seeds per variety

3 varieties of herbs (you’ll get either dill, fennel, shiso, Texas Tarragon, parsley, par-cel, chervil, mitsuba etc.)

18 different types of seeds to get your summer garden going! All presented beautifully in a gift box.

I’ll include basic cultivation details and descriptions of each variety so you can grow with success.

Please note that I am prepacking each of these boxes (there’s a limited number available) and can’t accommodate specific requests. If there is a particular set of seeds you are after, please see individual seed packet sales. Thank you for your understanding.


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