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A PERENNIAL growing to 1.2m with attractive pinnate leaves. Flowers are purple to pale whitish blue and followed by oblong pods containing several seeds.

Prefers moist soil and can grow in full sun or semi-shade.

The plant is cultivated for its edible root which is used as a flavouring and medicine.


The root has a sweet and delicious flavour that is used in making sweets, baked goods, ice cream, soft drinks, etc.

Roots contain glycyrrhizin which is 30-50 times sweeter than sugar. The dried root is often used for chewing. A popular tea is made from the root and is a good thirst quencher.

It is a very common medicinal herb in Western medicine and has a long history of use.

It is detoxificant, protecticve, anti-inflammatory and alterative. It has antispasmodic and expectorant actions and is a mild laxative. Commonly taken as a tonic and in cough medicines. When used therapeutically, use caution, and do so under the supervision of a medical herbalist as it may interfere with other medicines.

Externally, the root is used in the treatment of herpes, eczema and shingles

It can be grown as a nitrogen fixing plant, and for producing fibres.

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(Glycyrrhiza glabra)