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The small bushy DECIDUOUS SHRUB grows to 1.2m and has small grey-green narrow and feathery leaves and small yellow flowers.
It has a strong camphor-like fragrance.
Prefers well-drained soil in a full sun or semi-shade position and can grow in nutritionally poor soil. Drought resistant.
It is used in small quantities as a flavouring, but is mostly used as a medicinal herb.

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Young shoots can be used to flavour cakes, salads and vinegars.
As a strong aromatic bitter herb, Southernwood has a long history of domestic herbal use for improving digestion and and liver function. It also lowers fevers, relaxes spasms and destroys intestinal parasites. Use medicinally only under prescription.
It is also grown as an insect repellent, especially in orchards, dried herb can be used as a strewing herb to repel insects.
Use in pot-pourri, and as a dye herb. An infusion of the plant is used as a hair tonic or conditioner.

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(Artemisia abrotanum)