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Herbal tea workshop.

Wednesday, 16 November, 5.30pm

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Home herbal remedies are a joy to make and with some basic knowledge of the plants and their uses, they are generally safe and gentle enough for the whole family.

Through these workshops, I aim to help you to get to know the plants a bit better and teach you how to use them with confidence for minor ailments at home.

Join me as we explore the most basic of herbal preparations: teas.

Learn about extracting herbal goodness with water, including the different methods:




long infusion,

cold maceration

We’ll also spend some time

getting to know which herbs are good for teas, and their specific characteristics

understanding for which herbal actions you would choose teas.

You will brew:

the perfect single herb tea

a balanced and delicious blend herb tea blend.

Take home to the value of over $15

>Tea herb plant

>Tea herb seed packet

> Fresh Herb Tea Posie Blend


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