Borage – Blue (Borago officinalis)


An ANNUAL flowering plant growing to 60cm , well noted for bringing bees to the garden. It is very bristly or hairy all over the stems and the leaves. Large leaves are alternate and simple. Large floral displays with multiple flowers blooming simultaneously. Somewhat tolerant of drought, it can grow in semi shade or full sun.
Leaves have a cucumber flavour and the pretty star-shaped blue flowers are also edible. Medicinally it has a lot of domestic uses.

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The leaves can be used cooked or raw, although the leaves are quite prickly and hairy, so only young leaves are used. Leaves are rich in potassium and calcium. Flowers are eaten raw and have a sweet cucumber flavour. Seeds are rich in gamma-linolenic acid. An edible blue dye can be obtained from the flowers.
A common domestic herbal remedy, it is uplifting and soothing. Helpful in cases of fevers and chest problems. It also helps relieve skin complaints and pre-menstrual tension.

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