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Calendula is a popular flowering ANNUAL that grows to 60cm with oblong-lanceolate leaves and single flowerheads of bright orange or yellow. Flowers are pollinated by bees and it is a well-known companion plant. Calendula prefers any well drained soil but can grow in very poor soils and can tolerate very acidic or very alkaline soils. It can grow in semi shade but grows best in full sun. The plant can flower nearly year-round in favourable conditions, and the flower petals are edible and medicinal.


The flowers can be eaten raw and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Add to salads. Dried petals can be used to make teas, flavour soups, cakes and make an edible yellow dye. It has cosmetic use as a hair rinse, and healing balms are made from the petals. It is a very versatile medicinal herb with many modern uses ranging from cleansing and detoxifying to treating
skin problems and sore eyes.
Other uses include it being a compost activator and additive, in cosmetics, as a dye plant, for essential oils, an insect repellent and trap crop, and even for weather forecasting.

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(Calendula officinalis 'Pacific Beauty')