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A BIENNIAL growing to 60cm. Prefers moist soil in a full sun or semi-shade position and can grow in saline soils.
Leaves are eaten raw or cooked, mainly in soups, but can be eaten in salads in small amounts. It has historical medicinal uses for indigestion and for calming anxiety.
Looks like a cross between celery and parsley, hence the name PAR(sley)-CEL(ery).

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Eat only in small amounts as a flavouring because it has a really strong celery flavour that can overpower dishes. It has also been flagged as possibly toxic in excessively large amounts.
It has antianxiety, antirheymatic, carminative, diuretic, emmenagogue and galactagogue medicinal actions.
It is also a nervine, tonic and stimulant.
The growing plant is said to be good insect repellent and in particular repels the cabbage white butterfly so is a good companion for brassicas.

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(Apium graveolens</i)