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Salad Burnett


Salad Burnet is an EVERGREEN PERENNIAL growing to 60cm, forming a rosette of attractive pinnate basal leaves with oval and lightly serrated leaflets. Flowers are rounded clusters of pink tiny blooms. Prefers any moist well-drained soil in full sun, and can grow in nutritionally poor soil or very alkaline soils.
Leaves are edible, fresh or cooked, and dried leaves can be made into a tea. It has some domestic medicinal use.

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Younger leaves are preferred and are used fresh in salads, as garnish, or cooked in soup. The dried leaves can be brewed into a tea.
Roots and leaves are astringent and the plant is an effective wound herb. A tea is used for gout and rheumatism or to soothe sunburn and eczema.

It is used for soil reclamation and soil stabilization.

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(Sanguisorba minor)