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Strawberry – Alpine


Alpine Strawberry is a PERENNIAL growing to 30cm with trifoliate leaves, white flowers and sweet, small strawberry fruit.
Prefers moist well-drained soil in full sun or semi-shade, and can grow in heavy clay soil.
Fruit and leaves are edible and has medicinal use. It is used as a cosmetic herb.

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The fruit is used as cultivated strawberry, eaten raw or cooked and made into preserves. With an exquisite sweet taste.
Young leaves can be eaten as a salad herb or cooked.
Tea can be made from the leaves.

Leaves are mainly used as a medicine and are excellent to take when feverish.
Fruit sliced can help soothe sunburnt skin. A tea can be a blood tonic.
Roots are used medicinally too.
Flowers are a compost activator and the fruit is used to remove stains from teeth.
Fruit is used for skin-care creams to tone and whiten skin, combat wrinkles, lighten freckles and soothe the skin.

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(Fragaria vesca)