Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomato Selection Photograph Description Fruit Size Fruit Colour Fruit Type Maturity Uses Amish Orange Sherbet Heirloom Tomato Amish Orange Sherbet is a good producer of orange-red beefsteak type tomatoes that are large and meaty with a mild, sweet flavour that is pretty low in acidity as well. Indeterminate. Large Bicolor – Orange Red Beefsteak Late (80-100) Fresh Amish Paste Heirloom Tomato Amish Paste is a plum tomato that is often used for cooking and canning. Indeterminate Medium Red Plum Mid (69-80) Cooking (Paste) Canning Berkeley Tie Dye Pink Heirloom Tomato Berkeley Tie Dye Pink was developed by Wild Boar Farms, thisRead More →

How to save tomato seeds

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! It is probably the one must-grow plant for almost every vegetable gardener. And growing tomatoes is tremendously rewarding – not only do you get an abundant supply of vine fresh tomatoes, but you can also preserve your summer crop bounty to enjoy deep into the winter – think sundried tomatoes, pasta sauces, ketchups, and tomato jams. And yes, it is true, there is just something amazingly magical (and tasty!) about homegrown tomatoes. Whether you grew a great crop, were given some delicious tomatoes from a friend, or even found a variety in the supermarket you’d like to try grow in your veg patch next yearRead More →