Caigua (Cyclanthera pedata)

Cyclanthera pedata
Cyclanthera pedata

Caigua (prounounced Kai-wa), also known as achocha (achuqcha), sparrow gourd, lady’s slipper or simply stuffing cucumber, is a herbaceous vine from Central America. Known in cultivation only (no wild forms exist), the plant is grown mainly for its fruit which can be eaten raw when young, or is typically stuffed and cooked when mature. The young shoots and leaves may be eaten as greens too, and it is rumoured to have medicinal value as a natural remedy to reduce cholesterol.

Easy to grow, very vigorous, and rewarding as an ornamental plant and delicious vegetable, Caigua comes highly recommended for even novice gardeners.

 Size: height meters
 Position: full sun

Full sun

 vineVine –

Well-drained soil




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