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Rockets – Salad (Eruca sativa), Wild (Diplotaxis tenuifolia) and Perennial (Eruca sylvestris)

Fresh peppery leaves of rocket (either the cultivated salad rocket, or what is known as wild rocket) are a delightful addition to salads and sandwiches.

Salad Rocket

Belonging to the mustard family (Brassicaceae), salad rocket, or simply rocket is also known as rucola, rugula, colewort, roquette and arugula and has been grown as an edible plant since Roman times. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is not only the leaves of this annual that can be eaten, but the flowers, young seed pods and immature seeds can all be enjoyed as a food.


 Size: height 30cm spread 20cm
 Position: full sun

Full sun




Wild Rocket

With a taste similar to that of salad rocket, but finer in appearance, this “wild” rocket is also known as perennial wallrocket, sand rocket, sylvetta, or white rocket. Often the leaves are added to baby salad leaves and salad rocket as a mesclun-type salad mix. Similar to salad rocket, wild rocket is rich in many vitamins and minerals. Can be grown as a perennial in good climates.

 Size: height 60cm -90cm spread 45cm
 Position: full sun

Full sun

part shade
Partial shade
 Uses: culinary

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