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Starting chillies and peppers off early

Chilli seeds

I am feeling impatient, and as the winter runs past longest day, I look toward the new season, and titillate at the possibilities. It has just gone a few days past dark moon – planting time, and I can feel it in my blood…

But it’s still cold. And I don’t have a heated greenhouse. And my house is far too small and too cluttered to even contemplate bringing my seed trays inside.

So, it’s time to rig up the “Hot Boxes” – a homemade contraption that my amazing husband put together that runs strips of LED lights in (sealed) styrofoam boxes. They run between 18C and 24C – ideal germination for my intended chillies. They worked a treat last year to start my tomatoes nice and early. Although, early last year was August – I might be truly pushing my luck with July… but I just can’t wait anymore…

Between 2 and 4 July 2017 I sowed into seedling trays filled with Yates Black Magic Seed Mix (mixed with my own seed starting mix of compost, coir and sand) – the following peppers:

Aji Norteno
Aji Yellow
Basket of Fire
Bell Pepper – Jingle Bells
Bell Pepper – Orange Sweetie (Lunchbox)
Bell Pepper – Salad Mix
Bell Pepper – Tequila
Bell Pepper – Yellow Capsicum
Bird’s Eye Chilli
Bishop’s Crown
Bull’s Horn
Carolina Reaper
Cayenne (long, red)
Chilli Willy – Red
Corno Rosso
Crinkle (self-saved)
Devil’s Tongue – yellow
Fiery Little (gifted)
Fish Pepper
Habanero – chocolate
Habanero – orange
Habanero – red
Habanero – yellow
Hungarian Hot Wax
Jalapeno – early
Jalapeno – flame
Jalapeno – green
Long Italian (gifted)
Naga – chocolate
Naga – red (Bhut)
Orange Tiger
Pequin St. Croix
Thai Hot
Yellow Banana Pepper

Here’s hoping for a good germination rate! Lovely chili and pepper plants will hopefully be for sale mid summer!

And not to be outdone, I simply HAD to start a few tomatoes off too. Sowed between 5 and 7 July 2017 the following tomatoes:
Aunt Ginny’s Purple (HL = Heirloom)
Mr Stripey (HL)
Black Pear (HL)
Banana Legs (OP = Open Pollinated)
Red Pear (cherry) (HL)
Orange Banana (HL)
Orange Beefsteak (HL)
Thai Pink (HL)
Indigo Fireball (Hyb F1 = F1 Hybrid) – these were seeds saved from last year’s F1, so who knows what will come up! Adventures!
Jaune Flamme (HL)

And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what tomatoes I’m going to grow this season! But more on that later.

Happy Herbing

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