Newsletter – October 2017

With spring really settling into most of the country, it is full-on gardening time! Get ready to sow and grow to your  heart’s content as we head into summer and and abundance of produce. Check out the monthly calendar for moon-calendar based growing tips, as well as a list of some vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers to get under way for your garden.

This month we focus on Calendula as they are in full bloom – and such a quintessential part of a herb and vegetable garden. Read the October newsletter to find out about the amazing edible, cosmetic, medicinal and household uses for this bright little flower, as well as a recipe for making your own sugar scrub with calendula.


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AND BONUS!!!! Look out for my new videos soon to be available on YOUTUBE too! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Also on the cards – LIVE Q&A – Skype date with Minette every month with your gardening questions in real-time!

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