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Tips for Fruit Tree Planting

  1. Dig a hole at least twice the width of the root ball of the tree, and deep enough to cover the root ball firmly.
  2. Gently tease the root ball loose (if it came in a bag or pot, soak it first in some diluted seaweed).
  3. Create a heap/hump of soil in the hole and drape over the teased-out roots so that the tree “sits” on the little hill with the graft union always above soil level – the graft can actually be quite far up, but never below soil level.
  4. Place your stake in the hole now so you don’t damage the tree roots later.
  5. Ensure the tree is straight and start to backfill the hole with a good mix of soil.
  6. As you fill, ensure the tree (and supporting stake) is firmly in place, tamping down with your hands or lightly with your boots as you go along.
  7. Top-dress with compost and if you wish, add other amendments such as mineral fertilizer or gypsum on top, remembering that you want to settle and establish your new fruit tree in its first year, not have it grow too vigorously.
  8. Water well, with added liquid seaweed if you wish.
  9. Mulch well, but ensure the mulch is well away from the actual trunk – you can use a cut-up plastic plant pot to create a mulch barrier around the trunk.
  10. Prune the fruit tree for optimal growth and fruit bearing.

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  1. Nice planting article Minette.
    I see so many trees that have been planted too deep, or have sunk when compost in the planting hole broke down.
    In fact I advised someone today to get in there and lift a tree planted last season so they could see that lovely flare at the roots rather than it poking out of the ground like a broom handle!

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