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Garden Lovage is a PERENNIAL growing to 1.8m. The plant is erect and tall with a basal rosette pinnately divided leaves, and flowers produced at umbels at the top of leafy stems.
Lovage smells somewhat similar to celery.
Prefers moist soil in full sun or semi-shade.
All parts of the plant is edible and it has domestic historical medicine use.

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Leaves and stems are eaten raw or cooked with a celery-like flavour.
Young stems can be blanched and used as celery. Seed are eaten raw or cooked and yas a strong yeasty flavour. The root is cooked and has a strong savoury flavour.
Lovage is used as a warming and tonic herb, especially suited to the digestive system and respiratory systems.
Use in cases of indigestion, poor appetite, wind, colic and bronchitis, infections of the urinary tract, kidney and bladder stones.

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(Levisticum officinalis)