Chilli seeds

I am feeling impatient, and as the winter runs past longest day, I look toward the new season, and titillate at the possibilities. It has just gone a few days past dark moon – planting time, and I can feel it in my blood… But it’s still cold. And I don’t have a heated greenhouse. And my house is far too small and too cluttered to even contemplate bringing my seed trays inside. So, it’s time to rig up the “Hot Boxes” – a homemade contraption that my amazing husband put together that runs strips of LED lights in (sealed) styrofoam boxes. They run betweenRead More →

Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomato Selection Photograph Description Fruit Size Fruit Colour Fruit Type Maturity Uses Amish Orange Sherbet Heirloom Tomato Amish Orange Sherbet is a good producer of orange-red beefsteak type tomatoes that are large and meaty with a mild, sweet flavour that is pretty low in acidity as well. Indeterminate. Large Bicolor – Orange Red Beefsteak Late (80-100) Fresh Amish Paste Heirloom Tomato Amish Paste is a plum tomato that is often used for cooking and canning. Indeterminate Medium Red Plum Mid (69-80) Cooking (Paste) Canning Berkeley Tie Dye Pink Heirloom Tomato Berkeley Tie Dye Pink was developed by Wild Boar Farms, thisRead More →