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With various species and even cultivars in species, there are quite a number of plants that are sold as “Chamomile”

German chamomile, sometimes preferred by medical herbalists and homeopaths, is annual and in botanical terms is known as Matricaria recutita, while Roman chamomile which is perennial is Chamaemelum nobile. In the Roman Chamomile family there is a flowerless carpeting cultivar called “Trenengue’

The flowers of both German and Roman chamomile are edible, and are used in teas to soothe and calm, aid digestion and hyperactivity and fevers. Externally they can also be used to soothe inflamed skin. The essential oil is used in aromatherapy and beauty products.

Carpet or lawn chamomile is a great lawn alternative, and spreads thickly and quickly to form a mat of pleasantly aromatic “grass” which can take some foot traffic.

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