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Scented Pelargoniums (Pelargonium spp)

Originating in South Africa, these fragrant-leaved plants have dazzled the world over and are in cultivation in gardens and essential oil producing farms across the globe.

Although they can impart a delicious flavour to custards and creams or even jellies, the leaves are normally removed and not eaten. Bake a lightly pelargonium flavoured cake by lining the baking tin with the leaves before you pour in the batter.

Some leaves can be used as poultices for strains and sprains, especially the velvety peppermint pelargonium, while rose pelargonium is often added to cosmetic products.

Preferring a sunny spot and well drained soil, these will not disappoint in the garden. Flowers are edible.

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  1. Hello I am interested in purchasing some scented palaronium , in particular the chocolate and lemon. Im not sure if you sell , I live in auckland so are able to view if that is how to purchase. look forward to hearing from you kind regards diana craig

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