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With the monthly newsletters having started up again after a few months of absence, I thought it was a good time to get some of my older newsletters that I’ve done in the past, out of the archives and other websites and blogs where they have been living, and publish them on this server.

I’ve done what I had for 2015 and 2016, and hope you have fun reading through some of these – there’s really quite a range of topics and lots and lots of information – from gardening practices, to herb use, soil health, bee care, medicinal remedy recipes and much, much more. The information is essentially timeless, so most of it holds as true today as it did back when I wrote it years ago.

I’ve broken down the main ideas below, so you can quickly link to topics that might be most intriguing to you.

Oh, and I’m in the process of loading all the others that I have done since I started my herb life in earnest in 2006… that’s more than >>>10 years of hands-on tried-and-tested information, remedies, recipies and usage details on herbs, gardening in general, and a natural life approach!<<<

Newsletters for 2015

  • January – Herb of the Year for 2015 – Savory (Satureja spp)
  • February – Herbs for barbecues – from condiments to drinks and deserts, as well as even how to grow plants in an old BBQ
  • March – Herbs for Hair Care and Herbs to Boost Immunity
  • April – How to harvest your herbs – fruits, roots, leaves, etc. and ideas on preserving. How to propagate using cuttings.
  • May – Looking into soil health, and how to go about getting the most out of microgreens & sprouts, also intro to Permaculture Principles.
  • June – Arbour Day and Herbal Trees.
  • July – All about Turmeric
  • September – List of bee plants, how to make a spiral herb garden design, and making your own herbal enfleurage (scented oil).
  • October – Calendula salve recipe and all about Companion Planting.
  • November – Best practices when sowing seeds and a selection of herbal leafy greens.
  • December – Natural remedies to control garden pests and diseases and festive herbs.

Newsletters for 2016

  • January – Herb of the Year for 2016 – Sweet and Hot Peppers (Capsicum spp)
  • March Vitamins and minerals in your herbs, floriography (flower meanings) and naughty botany.
  • May – Revisiting herbs that can support your immune function, and recipes for cold and flu home herbal remedies.
  • June/July – Chilling requirements for plants, and herbs for brain health.
  • August – Herbs for healthy livers and what plant hardiness zones mean.
  • October – Bee aware month, herb infused honeys, and lemon scented herbs.


And yes, feedback is much appreciated – even on these older files! Thank you.


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