Newsletter – January 2018

A brand new year! Happy New Year!

This edition of the newsletter is a bit longer than normal, but simply because I’ve got some business news to share. Other than these updates on the running of MeadowSweet, it is full of what is happening in the summer garden, how to be water savvy, what to harvest, etc.

It features Hops (Humulus lupulus) as the Herb of the Month (it is also the International Herb of the Year for 2018, as well as some thoughts on zucchini (featured vegetable) and scabiosa (featured flower). I’m introducing a Kids’ Gardening Corner from this edition onward, and end off with a few recipes to share.

Enjoy, share freely, and remember that I always appreciate some feedback – and ideas on what you’d like to see featured!

Newsletter January 2018

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  1. […] to my side-tracked efforts of growing common vegetables at some point last year…). See my newsletter for more updates on the business. I am also going to endeavor to make it a more homemade year […]

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