Homemade natural (herbal) toothpaste We brush twice a day (if we are good), and often swiggle and gargle too. But what exactly is in your toothpaste and your mouthwash? The big question around fluoride is quite big in the media today, and even if your conventional paste is fluoride free, it may contain other ingredients which, as a natural-health minded person, you’re not going to be too happy with. If you have moved to a more natural lifestyle, chances are that many of your daily hygiene products have been traded in for an organic, natural and/or herbal alternative. Hopefully so has your toothpaste and mouthwashes. If not,Read More →

Chamomile flower ready to dry

Nodding in the breeze today in my garden are, what feels like, a million heads of chamomile. The simple white daisy flowers with their yellow cone centers have enchanted my daughter, and since she already loves drinking chamomile tea, she cannot wait to make her own from our garden. So off she went with secateurs and a paper baggy to harvest some flowers for me to dry for her tea. There are two chamomiles that can be used for tea – Roman chamomile (which most of mine are) and German chamomile. The German chamomile (Matricaria recutita syn. Chamomilla recutita) is an annual, but preferred by health professionals because ofRead More →

Radish pods

Did you know radish pods are edible? I never gave it a thought…till today, when I saw all the beautifully swollen green pods on my radishes (which I let go to flower so I could save some seed). The pods were just so … delectable looking! I had to go do some research and found, to my delight, that they are an actual foodstuff in their own right. Resembling a short tapering pea pod or bean, the seed pods of radishes (Raphanus sativus) stay tender and crisp for a long time while maturing and swelling out. They have a radish-bite, but are very mild and fresh. TheyRead More →